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Finally! An inspiring, time-tested system for wise, committed business owners - like you - who want to achieve your purpose.


Give Yourself More Confidence, More Hope,
More Life Balance, More Momentum to
Succeed than You've ever Experienced -
in Just 90 Minutes!

    • Are you talented - but hold back from making the money you deserve because you wish you felt more confident?

    • Do you lack a support system of people who encourage you and want the best for you and your business no matter what?

    • Are you successful in business - but wish you had more time for your family, your health and everything that would improve your quality of life?

    • Do you like being in charge and calling the shots - but could use weekly support, a little hope and a kick of motivation?

    • Do you need a positive push of encouragement, belief and maybe a few great ideas to keep you moving forward?

    • Would a support team of inspiring partners - who believe in you help you bring out your best?

    • And, wouldn't it be great to get all this confidentially so you don’t have to put on your “everything’s just fine” face?

Dear Wise, Committed Business Owner:

Let’s be honest.

You started a business because you wanted time and money freedom. You want to do what you want - when you want to do it. In fact, you're proud of your passion to do what you love AND build cash flow. You care about keeping your customers happy. So, why don't you have more of what you REALLY want?


There’s a Handful of Amazing People
Who want to Support You in
Enjoying Time and Money Freedom

Do You Know Who They Are?

My name is Denise Michaels. I'm the author of a business bestseller, a marketing mentor to thousands, an online entrepreneur and a professional speaker. When I started as a business owner, having true time and money freedom were important to me - as I'm sure they're important to you. I do what I want to do – when I want to do it. Both my business and my personal life are very successful. Much of that success is due to a remarkable system I want to share with you.

First, let me ask you a question. Which one of the following statements best describes you:

  1. You work hard. However your personal life and getting a little honest-to-gosh fun has suffered. You don’t have to ask permission for a day off – but it’s been a long time since you actually DID. You’re “freedom challenged.”

  2. Or, your personal life is balanced - but, you're not making the cash flow you need. You're always there for your family. However, you’d like to crack the code on generating real cash flow. You're a little "money challenged."

  3. You've had success - but you know there’s more. Your business is fun and you’ve overcome a lot of challenges but you're ready for something new. It’s time for you to make a real difference.

  4. You're rarin' to go. Everything’s in place. You feel odd about this but you're having a tough time getting started. You realize part of it is because you don't have ongoing positive support in your life and people rooting for you.

If any of the descriptions above sound like you – I assure you – there’s hope.

Chances are you started your business because you wanted freedom, independence and cash flow. You want to make money doing what you're passionate about. You also want a life. Maybe you want a guilt-free afternoon off. Or, a four-day weekend away at a luxury resort or a mountain cabin to unwind with your spouse, your partner or just by yourself.

Having Your Life and Your Business. Your Way.

My life and business is amazing. I love what I do. I've developed streams of income (without participating in an MLM), I own a lovely home with lots of equity, newer cars and money in the bank. I enjoy "a secure lifestyle" even in these topsy-turvy economic times. I also have time for family, working out at the gym, hangin' with friends and to envision what I want next.

Recently, I flew to New York City with a girlfriend for a four-day weekend of shopping, theatre, dining and luxurious spa treatments. To me, that’s complete freedom. What would you do with four days of complete freedom?

At the airport, my husband Ernie gave me a hug and kiss before I got on the plane. Then he took off on his own adventure to India for a month to ride trains - his passion. Soon we're going to Cancun Mexico for a romantic ten days together at a luxury two bedroom high-rise condo overlooking the ocean. We have the time and money to enjoy doing what we love without worry or concern.

But it wasn't always so. Years ago I felt so alone. I was close to divorce (in my former marriage), multi-tasking like crazy and pushing, pushing, pushing. I hated my work and struggled financially. But, it wasn't just about the money or even the lousy marriage. I received no support. No fresh ideas. No one to say, "I believe in you." "You can do this." No one to say, "I care about your success."

Getting my business off the ground felt like work. I looked forward to weekends way too much. I was frustrated, disappointed, embarrassed and nearing the end of my rope. I felt fearful and overwhelmed. I didn't want to admit it - but I was losing hope.

Have you ever felt that way? Maybe your spouse or partner is there but doesn’t give you the encouragement you want and need. Maybe you’re divorced or you’ve always been single. Wouldn't having a small team of wise, committed business owners who care and who give you the hope and confidence you can pull off your biggest, wildest dreams and goals be life-changing?


I Found the Secret Key to Improving
My Business and Personal Life.

You can, too.

I discovered a simple, powerful secret. In 90 minutes, I had the support team I lacked. That team included partners who believed in me and a caring hug of encouragement, belief and a big "Whoo-hoooooo!" every week. Hope returned. My business ideas and my life started coming together. I was happier. I was taking chances. Doing exciting things. Cash flow increased - amazingly I wasn't working more!

Together, we believed in each other. We helped each other. We supported each other, reaching for our highest and best. Meetings were simple, fun and my life started improving. First, they supported me in straightening out my personal life. They helped me believe in myself and the power of my ideas again. My MasterMinding partners provided support when I wanted to move to new city where I started life anew.

I felt encouraged, hopeful and more confident. I held my head higher. I was focused. My personal life was in order and my health improved so my business could flourish. I established myself - and the cash flow grew. MasterMinding led me to find the courage to fall in love again, become a published author and lose a lot of excess weight.

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In MasterMinding some people choose to work on business goals. If it impacts your business - it's open for discussion in your MasterMinding group.


When Others Believe in You -
You Can Do Almost Anything

Over the years MasterMinding helped me create many business successes. It didn't happen instantly, but over time I became a marketing trainer for a mega-bestselling author you've probably heard of. After seven and a half years I left. Now I'm a successful author running my own business.

Speaking on stage in front of happy crowds is normal for me. My MasterMinding group kept encouraging me. I became the author of a best-selling business book for women sold in 15 countries! Now I'm on to new goals and my MasterMinding group still provides support every week.

What DO you want to achieve that you've shied away from? What ideas, goals or dreams have you pushed aside?

You might think now that I'm happily married I should get all my support from my husband. Ernie's a great guy. But he doesn't have an enterprising mindset. He doesn't have my drive. I'm our primary breadwinner and he's semi-retired. He supports me mostly by giving me the space to do my thing, run errands for me, etc. He’s a great guy – but not when it comes to business. He’s my “First Dude.” I know I need interaction and support from other business owners. Owning a business tests your mettle and your courage daily.

Your passion can become your business. With the support of others you can do amazing things. Now I'm so excited about MasterMinding - I just have to share the miracle of those 90 minutes a week with you.

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What IS Master Minding Anyway?

You may have heard the term "Master Minding" but didn't know what it means. Over the years I’ve participated in different Master Mind meetings. Some were helpful. Many were not. Many felt like “brainstorming” and I walked away feeling exhausted. I had a list of how-tos but didn't feel encouraged or hopeful. So the list sat in a file. Does this sound like you?

Then after a few sessions of “brainstorming” I started feeling guilty and overwhelmed. Why? I didn't need more how-tos. We can get how-tos from a book. We need people who believe in us so we start believing in ourselves. True MasterMinding is about support, brainstorming is secondary.

You don't need more how-tos. You need encouragement. You need a team to believe for you what you may not be ready to believe for yourself. MasterMinding for Success® is like a revolution in self care. It’s about caring for yourself not just on a physical level but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. It’s the body – mind – spirit connection all in 90 minutes a week.

Top authors, speakers and business leaders credit MasterMinding for giving them the courage and confidence to "just do it."


Now You Have the Opportunity to Participate in Your Own Master Minding Group

Master Minding has been such a powerful force for me that I’ve decided to share it with others in small, focused, weekly groups. I’m only interested in business owners of integrity and dedication who want to make a difference. If that doesn’t describe you – stop reading right now. If it does describe you – keep reading.

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For Starters here's what MasterMinding isn't:

  • MasterMinding isn't networking. You may end up doing business with one of your MasterMinding partners - but that's not the purpose.
  • MasterMinding isn't brainstorming - it's not about endless how-tos it’s about support. Brainstorming is secondary. Great ideas always bubble to the surface naturally in a circle of wise, committed business owners – but the purpose is encouragement and support.
  • You don’t have to travel or get dressed up to be part of a MasterMinding meeting. You and your partners meet on the phone.
  • MasterMinding isn’t therapy. People with deep-seated emotional problems and anxiety need the help of a professional. It's not the place to heal issues like addictions or mental health conditions
  • MasterMinding isn't about picking someone's brains - or worse - having your "brains picked."

Here's what MasterMinding is:

  • MasterMinding is where like-minded business owners come together weekly. You meet on the phone for 90 minutes. Just dial in and you're speaking with your group members and me.
  • You're supported by your partners. They’re like-minded people with your best interests at heart. They give you support and you just might get a tip or two as a bonus.
  • The group energy and encouragement propels you forward. It happens more quickly than you could on your own re-awakening your energy, enthusiasm and vitality.
  • You're held accountable to what you want to accomplish in a way that lets you decide what's important - week by week.
  • Positive encouragement and accountability that’s kind and caring makes a difference and helps you get beyond your obstacles
  • MasterMinding fans the flames of your confidence and your hopes. You get support from other wise, helpful business owners and me. Every week.
  • MasterMinding provides the most important benefits of working with a coach or mentor without the exorbitant expense. Most coaches charge $150+ per hour to provide the same type of support your MasterMinding group provides for significantly less.
  • MasterMinding is a safe space to share what's working and what's not in confidence. You can always be yourself each week when we meet.
  • MasterMinding provides you with a small team of five other wise, committed business owners and me – a business and marketing mentor who’s helped over 1,400 women and men enjoy marketing, business and life success.
  • Even if you don't believe it for yourself yet, your MasterMinding group is there for you. Believing, visualizing and seeing your success.
  • Your MasterMinding group meets weekly for 90 minutes. You share your successes, your goals and your concerns. Then you receive the acknowledgement and support you need.
  • MasterMinding for Success® gives you the most valuable benefits of coaching - yet, you pay only a fraction of private coaching.
  • MasterMinding will help you get over, under or around the obstacles that have been too much to handle on your own.

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Click here to find out if MasterMinding for Success® is right for you.

To discover more about Denise click here

As a business owner - you've probably noticed there's no glass ceiling. Even with 18 million cracks in it, we sometimes create our own "internal glass ceiling." Y’know, the monkey chatter voice inside? That voice saying “Who do YOU think you are?!?” MasterMinding helps you turn down the volume on negative monkey chatter and turn up your confidence and “I CAN do it!” feelings and belief.

If you pay a life or business coach you might break through. Most coaches charge $400-1,000 USD and up per month. Some coaches are great at addressing life issues but not so hot when it comes to business strategy. Others mentors provide great business how-tos but they don’t have a balanced, happy life and positive, loving relationships themselves. They just keep piling you up with more how-tos and stuff to knock out. So how can they advise you to create real joy and success?

Your MasterMinding for Success ® group gives you a weekly dose of support, respect, acknowledgement, accountability, and encouragement. When THAT happens you accomplish more. You know you're taking better care of yourself body, mind and spirit.

Sounds Good so Far - What is a
MasterMinding for Success ® Meeting like?

You get on the phone together with your partners and me. Each week I set the intention with an intention statement to release the stress of the day, so you can be present and open to receiving support and providing it. You share your successes, your goals and your concerns for the week. Then you get a wonderful gift. Everyone in your group (including me) - gives you powerful, positive encouragement. If you want advice or ideas – just say so. If you just want support and encouragement you’ll get that.

You gain clarity and your confidence level shoots skyward. The gray clouds part and reveal new, creative ideas. You honestly feel you CAN do it. Then you return the favor. It's about giving AND receiving.

It's my job to keep meetings on track, on purpose, upbeat and moving forward. Everyone gets the same amount of time. Everyone is respectful and committed to the success of each person. Because you make a six month commitment, everyone gets to know each other and is friendly. And, if you want marketing tips or how-tos – I’m happy to share ‘em.

What do you talk about in a MasterMinding meeting? Anything that impacts your ability to enjoy success. So, if you're having a challenge getting your business plan together, getting new customers, changing your business' direction or figuring out how to keep records or organize without pulling your hair out - bring it to your MasterMinding meeting.

If you have health and fitness challenges impacting your business – MasterMinding can be a perfect place to help you improve. You'll get the encouragement you need to find solutions.

If you've had a financial challenge and need support to keep you from going bonkers – bring it to your weekly MasterMinding group.

If your spouse or partner isn’t supportive, or, doesn’t give you support you need – your MasterMinding partners will help you fill the gap.

If you're frustrated that everything in your personal life comes first and your business goals keep falling behind - bring your concerns to your MasterMinding group for belief, encouragement and solutions.

You're in charge of what you share each week. The goals you want to discuss may change each week. Or not. You're in control.

If you have to miss a MasterMinding call, you can listen to the recorded call if you'd like before the next week’s call. If you’re away and you still want support, send your successes, goals and concerns to me in an email and I’ll email you back with positive support and encouragement.


If Fear, Procrastination or Self-Sabotage Prevents You from the Success You Deserve...

Recently, I heard a highly successful business woman with a Harvard degree say from the platform, "I'm tired of living and making decisions based on fear."

It took tremendous courage for her to acknowledge that. Even though her life is flourishing in many ways it's still driven by concerns of “not being enough." If a successful woman like that holds back – truth is most of us do. As adults we get the message it's not okay to give voice to our fears or concerns. That's especially true for business owners.

Maybe you didn't go to a prestigious college. Maybe your education after high school was "The School of Hard Knocks." Or, maybe you did go to college but it didn’t help much once you decided you wanted to break free from the shackles of corporate life and having a job. If you can relate – a MasterMinding for Success® group may be perfect for you.

Here's What Home-based Business Owners Like You are Saying about
MasterMinding for Success ®

"During each weekly MasterMinding group meeting, I received genuine support for reaching my weekly goals. I was held accountable while at the same time I began accomplishing my goals thus boosting my self-esteem. MasterMinding for Success® is an absolute must for anyone serious about successfully achieving their business or personal goals. Join NOW!"
Vicki Durr
Denver, Colorado

"I was terrified to take the next step with my business! Fearful feelings always controlled me before joining a MasterMinding group. I discovered how to set goals and get them done one at a time. If you want to gain confidence, learn what it feels like to really complete and get the things done that made you feel overwhelmed before and stretch beyond your comfort zone, join this program."

Marcelle Snyder
Oshawa, Ontario Canada

"Prior to joining a MasterMinding for Success® group, I was trying too hard to do too many things at once and accomplishing little. Everyone supported me and I'm back on track. Knowing other people truly care about my success helps release my fears. My confidence level has soared. With the group's help, I can do anything I set my mind to."
Beverly Hanna
Midland, Ontario Canada

"I was 'stuck.' So when I heard about MasterMinding for Success®, I joined a group immediately. With the support and encouragement of my group members, and their belief in me, I was successful in taking my business to the next level fast. I'm now growing my business with confidence. If you're thinking of joining a MasterMinding group - just do it. You'll be glad you did."

Anne Groom
Carlisle, Great Britain

"A couple months ago I feared I was ready to hide! I decided to take some much needed control of my life and become a MasterMinding for Success® group participant. Soon I had direction in my life and was making real progress. The support you get (and give) in your group will move you in the right direction for a better tomorrow. Join a MasterMinding group today and have fun growing."
Cathy Dell
Melaleuca Rep
Akron, OH

Click here for Full Testimonials


Okay, Denise. You got Me, I'm hooked.

I’m pleased I can make this program affordable so home-based business owners dedicated to success can afford it. And I want you to know it’s extremely limited because I only allow six people in each group and each group is facilitated by me. Plus, I expect everyone who joins a MasterMinding for Success® group to make a six month commitment. But first I want to tell you about some of the awesome bonuses included as part of the program when you join.

Click here to listen to a very special audio.

Click here to find out if MasterMinding for Success® is right for you.

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When you register you go to a "Welcome Page." You download your Program Guidelines (in a pdf file) and several other important documents to get you started. We've set up an audio download Orientation call you can listen to anytime that goes over the Program Guidelines to make it easier to jump in.

Another great bonus: You get my amazing Power Pyramid Goal-Setting System. I've been a goal setter my entire life and I've worked with many goal setting systems. I developed the Power Pyramid system to give you the best of the best. You will get a free Power Pyramid e-book and there's an audio download teleclass you can listen to that explains everything to you so you understand goal setting the MasterMinding for Success® way.

You also get the deeply enriching "Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace Wattles. This timeless classic will help you start thinking about money and prosperity in an entirely new way. It's a fast easy, read and perfect for you if your mindset around money and riches has held you back. But wait - there's more:

I've also made available another free teleclass when you join:

“How to Make Customers  Happily say “YES!” is a four-part audio download teleclass with amazing information that will help you transform your business and shift your results dramatically. It’s not theoretical, its hands-on and is based on my over two decades of small business marketing experience, mentoring over 1,400 women and men and what I know truly works.


Why Do Smart, Dedicated, Wise, Committed Business Owners
Pay for Seminars or Coaching in the First Place?

When I worked with mega-bestselling authors I attended many of their seminars free. Others spent thousands of dollars to attend the same seminars. I often asked people why they spent the money. Over and over I heard, "I need motivation." Or, "I need a push." Or, "I need a swift kick in the butt to accomplish my goals." They wanted that rush of energy and motivation.

They took notes and got rah-rah-rah excitement. They jumped up to applaud speakers and high-five each other. They flew home fired up and ready to go. Within two weeks most of the time they felt awful. Why? They got pages of notes and "great ideas." None of those ideas applied specifically to their business or their life. They were on their own once they got home, twisting in the breeze with no ongoing support or encouragement.

A month later they hadn't done a doggone thing. In addition, they had a massive credit card bill. Within a few months many were looking for another seminar to give them that "buzz" or rush of energy again.

What they really wanted and needed was someone to believe in them and encourage them. And that’s what MasterMinding is all about.

Making the Decision that's Right for You

If you've read this far it's because you're interested. You know fear can hold you back. You may have even sabotaged your own results in the past. You know you don't get the support you need and deserve. Truth is, you really shouldn't have to ask for it - it should just be there. You still have important goals, and aspirations. A MasterMinding for Success® group will help you see yourself and your results in a different light. Fast.

Most people who get involved in a MasterMinding group immediately feel lighter, more joyful and more abundant. They start building more cash flow, balance and fun with family, friends and loved ones.

I'm sure you understand real, lasting change is gradual. That's why we ask you to make a six-month commitment to MasterMinding for Success®. Of course, most people happily admit their life and business begins shifting for the better after the first meeting. Groups are forming now. My goal is to have all my MasterMinding groups on Mondays or Tuesday (I’m in the Pacific time zone) so you enjoy the benefits at the beginning of the week.

Yes, Denise, I'm ready to take the Next Step.

The next step is to listen to a very special, short audio.

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Click here to find out if MasterMinding for Success® is right for you.

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When you’ve listened to the audio and are ready to get the rest of your questions answered and move forward it’s time for us to schedule a time to talk on the phone. I’ll answer all your questions, I’ll share a few tips if I can to help you out and share my fees for becoming part of a very special group of dedicated business owners.

If you click on the link below it will take you to a form. Answer the questions and click to submit the form to me. Your answers will go directly to my inbox. You won’t get an auto-responder reply. You’ll get a personal reply from me. If you sound like the kind of person who would be right for a MasterMinding for Success® group – wise, committed, dedicated, willing to give and receive support you will be placed in a group at a time that works for your schedule.

Click here to take the next step and find out more about joining a MasterMinding group

Yours in Amazing Success and Joy,
Denise Michaels

Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing," Marketing Mentor, Professional Speaker and Founder of MasterMinding for Success ®.

PS: How soon would you like to start gaining the benefits of unconditional support, great ideas and a team of people who believe in you – even when you’re hesitant and especially when you need that push of courage and confidence. Click here to take the next step